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Welcome to Skirts with Pockets, a weekly (fine, weekly-ish) collection of the online articles, websites, and other links that I've loved and now want to share with you. Please excuse any stray candy wrappers that fall to the ground as I empty my virtual pockets.

Bird-watching with the Ravenmaster

How do you even get a job like Ravenmaster for the Tower of London? I am a sucker for stories like this—interesting people doing interesting work and loving it.

Wine and Candy Pairings

To be honest, I bookmarked this article last year at Halloween, and I am just that far behind on sharing links. But it's never the wrong time to do a little wine and candy research, so hop to it.

The Sugar Conspiracy

This is one of those "long reads," so you have time to do the wine and candy research before you get to the end of it. It's a fascinating history of nutrition guidelines and food science, full of a surprising amount of drama.

Looking at Frames at the Louvre

"Today, the Louvre possesses one of the world’s largest collections of frames, with around six thousand in use and another three thousand in storage." Why is this so delightful? I miss museums.

LEGOLAND Japan Breaks Record With Cherry Blossom Tree . . .

You could give me 880,000 LEGO bricks and stop time itself, and still, I would never make anything this beautiful. Truly stunning.